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Welcome to Sidecar Adventures South Africa

For Non-bikers, this is an amazing opportunity to enjoy what bikers experience.

Without having to own or drive a bike yourself.

Seasoned bikers, this is a great time to have your partner next to you and never to worry about falling over in thick sand, it's an exciting extension to your biking experience.

We hope that you will enjoy reading about our adventures and that you will feel
enthused enough to
fill in a booking form.

It's important to note that we are a caring and friendly group of people,and that we take every trip very seriously. But we are serious about having fun too.

Laughter makes the world a better place as far as we are concerned.

Whether you choose a day trip or a two week adventure, we will make every effort to keep you safe, well fed and happy.

If you are traveling from abroad, we will be there to meet you at the airport and make sure that you are taken back to the airport again. You may arrive as guests but you will leave as friends.

We believe that it's the back roads and hidden places where the true magic can be found. Every country has cities, and busy highways, so we choose to travel on the lesser known roads and show you the breathtaking scenery you will not see from a highway.

No city smog, no diesel smoke, no clock watching just adventure and the open road!

We are not about speed, we like to stop frequently for pictures and to take in the scenery. We like to stop at small towns and interesting places so that you can get a true idea of the country and it's people.

We set out each day after a hearty breakfast, and travel approximately 120 to 190 km per day, this allows for safe speeds and numerous stops for snacks and coffee breaks etc.

We plan to end each day at around 3 to 4 pm, giving you an opportunity to get into your accommodation at leisure,freshen up, take a walk if you want or get that "cold one" before the sun goes down.

We may call our trips adventures, but we believe that each day should be rewarded with good accommodation and good food. You are on holiday after all.

We have a few tried and tested routes that we follow, however, if you have ever wandered about a certain part of South Africa, ie Battle sites or other interesting places, we are happy to customise a route for you. This can be arranged, no problem.

We do not ever want our tours and adventures to be run like a " sausage machine" we like to keep each trip as different from the other as possible. This way you will look forward to your next adventure with us.

All self drive teams will have the first day to chill out, and familiarise themselves with the sidecar rig, we will give you all the information , driving tips and guidance to keep you safe and on all three wheels.

For non bikers, well, you just sit back and relax as you watch the world go by.

We use two sidecar rigs, the strong rugged and very comfortable Ural, and the tried and tested old faithful the Royal Enfield.

All our sidecar rigs are late models, immaculate in appearance and maintenance.

We always have a 4x4 backup vehicle and trailer that follows us, so your bigger luggage items can go in the vehicle.